cw: Hut Lovers

Hut lovers is a performative poem that is recited by the artist through video, juxtaposed with running captions translated in Mandarin Chinese via google translator, and streams of found video content from the artist’s YouTube history. The text is a transcription of the first page of a google search for “pizza”, reformatted into plain text via a text editor. Hut Lovers is the first in a series of performative poetry videos reciting transcriptions of different search term results.

“In her theory of ‘communicative capitalism’, [Jodi Dean] suggests that today messages are mere contributions — all that matters in the seemingly relentless flow of social media networks is not what was said but that something was said. The performance overtakes the project.”
Jack Clarke, Mythinformation as Method

Hut Lovers at its core was a cathartic moment of expression for me — trying to cope with my resentment for the over-saturation of banality and homeogenity across the web.