Distorted Nostalgia

I brought my GoPro to a L.A.V.A. (Launching Activism Via Art) meeting one day, and we filmed ourselves reeking havoc in the Uconn Fine Arts Building. ☺ We intended to edit the clips together and distribute a video to promote the organization, but we never finished. Two years later, I found all the clips on my memory card and decided to finally make the video. I ended up making two attempts, using the same edit but with two different songs. 

Going back to edit these videos instilled in me a deep sense of nostalgia, but as time went on, this moment had turned into more of a misguided perception than any kind of sense of reality. And further, attempting to relive the moment through editing a video representation of it, made the event seem even more distant and out of reach. Nostalgia is distorted.

In any manner, each video here shows a slightly different and equally accurate or inaccurate perception of this memory.