Autonomous Web Accessible Yawn (A.W.A.Y.)

A performance done at h0l0 in march 2018 with the Sleep Watchers of New York, a group of artists and musicians performing in front of an audience laying on pillows and mattresses. 

This performance was part of a larger investigation of a contemporary fixation on health and wellness living in and influenced by the digital space. I have been fascinated with A.S.M.R. for a very long time and hold both a cynical and celebratory view of this form of loose art and therapy. Insomnia is a large-scale and serious epidemic in western culture at the moment and these widely-accessible videos can serve as an easy alleviation to sleep deficiency, while also contributing to the multitude of choices in media content causing us to stay awake. The A.W.A.Y. project exaggerates our confused desire to keep our physical and mental selves constantly optimized, blurring the lines between stimulation and calm, virtual and natural, spirtual and superficial.  

Live Performance

Title sequence


Sleep coach